Orcas Hours was created by Lilly and Cal Rodgers during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. As a family, we were having a hard time keeping track of what was open and what wasn't, what restaurants were offering take-out, which parks were staying open, etc. This time spent together at home gave us more time to work on our skills as developers. As a father-daughter team including a professional developer and a developer-in-training, we thought this site would help out our community as well as give us a platform to practice our craft (a win-win).  

father daughter        father and daughter


We hope you find this site useful during this challenging time and continue to use it once the COVID-19 outbreak has ended. We plan to keep the site up to date and change its aspects based on the time of year and feedback we receive.


Orcas Hours was created with Drupal 8 and Bootstrap and is hosted on Pantheon.